A Good Yarn

A Good Yarn - Verified Australian Wool

A Good Yarn - Verified Australian Wool

EAch and every fibre of our Traceable Merino Knits can be mapped back to Australian farms.
Traceable wool cardigan Above: Traceable wool cardigan, sateen jean, mia tall boot
Traceable merino crew Above: Traceable merino crew, cotton crew tee, skinny rich raw jean
A Good Yarn
The Science

At Country Road, we value the provenance of our products and strive for visibility of where and how our raw materials are farmed, which is why this year, we decided to partner with Oritain. Dedicated to transparency, Oritain take a scientific approach to verify where the Merino wool we use in each garment originates.

Left to right: Prof. Russell Frew, Dr. Sam Lind, Dr. Kiri McComb, Forensic Science Laboratory, University of Otago.
There's a story about traceability which is now really coming out to the consumer, people want to know provenance.
Above: Forensic Science Laboratory, University of Otago.

"The concept is relatively simple. What we’re there to do is to verify a claim: this product is being sold that says it’s Australian Merino – is it truthful?

The geochemistry of the environment differs upon where in the world you are. Some soils are nutrient rich, some are poor; some are high in elements, some are low. All these attributes combine in what we call a chemical fingerprint.

We’ve essentially mapped the majority of the world for the wool industry, and by mapped I mean we’ve gotten samples from these locations and we’ve analysed them for a chemical fingerprint. When we test fibres, this information is used to verify where the product has originated from.

It’s a way to highlight that these are the people doing the right things. These are good suppliers, they’re selling an authentic product and here’s the proof to show that they are."

— Oritain.

The People

Over the years we have partnered with Beaufront, a beautiful Merino farm found near Launceston in Tasmania. Famous for both its premium Merino wool and its focus on conservation, Beaufront Station has been managed by the Von Bibra family for generations.

Above: Gabby, Stockwoman, Beaufront Station.
For us we shear in May and June - that's our harvest time. We're always mindful of the animal in that process.
Above: Shearers and staff, Beaufront Station.

These animals, they’re born on the property, and we’re responsible for looking after them. We nurture them. We’re dependant on each other in that we provide them with food and water, see that they’re well looked after, and at the same time respect the process that they’re providing the wool.

We’ve got an opportunity to create an amazing garment that we use in the fashion industry and its coming from an animal on our farm. What an amazing story that is in terms of a natural fibre.”

— Julian Von Bibra, Beaufront Station

Verified Australian Wool

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