A Moment With The Honest Grazer

Above: Linda wears half sleeve t-shirt, cropped wide leg pant, with tapas mug, erni cushions rhubarb and snow, theo timber dip bowl and heath small tongs.

We recently shared a few delicious and nourishing autumn tonics from The Honest Grazer on the journal. Here we talk to founder Linda as she shares her journey towards a plant-based diet and what her favourite go-to meal is.

What inspired you to start Honest Grazer?

"I have always had a pull towards food. As a child I often found myself exploring and experimenting with new ingredients in my mom's pantry and seeing how I could utilise them in unique ways. As my career ventured into the creative space (photography and content production) experimenting with food just seemed like another creative outlet to explore."

"In my early twenties, I started experiencing some discomfort in my gut and started doing more research around food and nutrition. As my interest in holistic nutrition and whole foods started to grow, as did my passion and love for plant-based food. About 3 years ago I adopted a fully vegetarian diet, and when I made the eventual shift to a fully plant-based lifestyle, I started The Honest Grazer as a means to save my favourite recipes and share them with others who may be on the same journey or seeking inspiration along the way. The incredible response I have received so far encourages me to keep on sharing my culinary pursuits and spreading knowledge about how plant-based meals don't have to be difficult, boring or expensive."

Above: Linda wears stripe button shirt and denim pinafore.

Sustainability is obviously important to you, can you share what led to this passion?

"After adopting a plant-based diet, I started doing more research on the impact animal manufacture and factory farming has on the environment and decided that eating mostly or fully plant-based is the single biggest change I can make to living a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle."

Are there any easy tips that come to mind in relation to adding more plants into your diet?

"Make one small change, every single day. When making a major shift in your diet it can be easy to become overwhelmed and want to give up before you even get going. Start by replacing one meal a day with a plant-based alternative, and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Find a way of eating that is sustainable to you and your lifestyle.

Start slowly, even if it's only replacing one meal a week with a plant-based alternative. Master an ingredient and then move onto a new one. For example, commit to including dark leafy greens into at least one meal every single day. Research new recipes and preparation methods until you feel excited to eat leafy greens every day. Then include a new vegetable or fruit to explore and so on."

"Shift your focus from eating a "plant-based" or "vegan" diet to prioritising nutrient dense foods into your life. You don't need to consume expensive superfoods and powders to be healthy. Eat an abundance of whole foods, mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, and prioritise nutrient dense foods over convenience meals."

Above: Linda wears self stripe blouse and fashion straight jean, with tapas large round platter, mera large brass tray, alto stemless wine glass, tapas shallow bowl, tapas condiment bowl, theo timber long dish.

Do you have a simple go-to meal that will always make you feel good?

"Sweet potatoes, slow roasted in coconut oil and sea salt, dipped in copious amounts of tahini."

Working with food is somewhat a creative pursuit, as is styling – is your approach to creating recipes similar to your approach to personal styling?

"Yes. Food should be functional first, but that doesn't mean it can't have flair. As a content producer and photographer, I need to be as comfortable as possible as I am frequently on the run. But as a creative, I need to inject some of my personality into my style - often breaking the "rules" by pairing white on white, or adding a colorful neck scarf to a seemingly casual look. "

Above: Linda wears stripe button shirt and denim pinafore.