Behind The Seams: Recycled Denim

Above: Jacklyn wears wrap linen dress.

We've recently introduced a collection of jeans that are made with a percentage of recycled fibres. Here, two of our designers, Jacklyn and Stella, talk us through the details.

Photography by Dan Castano.

What sparked the idea of Post Consumer Waste denim?

"It was a collaborative effort, we worked really closely with our mill in development and innovation around sustainable and circular fabrics and production. When they told us about their ability to produce PCW, we jumped at the chance to get involved!"

Above: Stella wears linen shirt.

Could you talk us through the process from beginning to end?

"The process starts with denim that is pre-loved, so old denim that would usually end up in landfill or donated. We put it into a huge machine that shreds and grinds the denim into fluffy pieces of cotton yarn, which can then be spun and woven back in with virgin cotton and elastane, to produce a new piece of denim fabric in which we make our jeans! As much as we would love to, we cannot make a yarn that is 100 percent PCW, as the fibre becomes too short in the shredding process and the yarn can have a lot of breakages. These breakages would lead to weaker finished garments, so this is why we blend it with virgin cotton to maintain our strong durable denim quality."

Above: Jacklyn wears wrap linen dress.

Are there any more exciting projects in the works?

"Absolutely! We have just launched our new swimwear line, which is made from a portion of recycled fishing nets – we’re really proud of this, and think the shapes, colours and styling is to die for! We’re also working with Australian farmers on an exciting new denim project, ready to launch in April 2020 so watch this space!"


Above: Stella wears linen shirt.