Carrie Bickmore On Women Who Inspire

Above: Carrie wears sheer stripe shirt and soft touch jegging.

Gold Logie winner, mother of two, and philanthropist; it’s fair to say Carrie Bickmore has achieved much. Warm and down-to-earth, she’s the presenter known for her heart – not afraid of showing emotion, be that laughter or tears. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we talked to Carrie about the women who have inspired her throughout her journey and just how they have helped contribute to her success.

Photography by Amelia Stanwix.

Happy International Women’s Day - how will you be celebrating this year?

“About three years ago I started sending flowers on International Women’s day to the women in my life who I am inspired by and look up to. In our busy lives we don’t get enough chances to stop and acknowledge those women in our life who make our worlds and the world around us better”

Above: Carrie wears mohair fluffy coat, cotton slub t-shirt and distressed kick hem jean.

What role have women played in your success along the way?

“I have only known it was possible to do the job I do or live the life I live from watching women before me doing it. Watching my mum work fulltime and raise us girls taught me it was not only possible to work and have a family, but that it could be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling too. Watching women on TV take the lead roles and be vocal and brave about things they are passionate about, paved the way for me to make the career choices I have with confidence. Behind the scenes many women have championed me along the way too, encouraging me, pushing me, supporting me.”

Why do you think is it so important for women to support women?

“I believe women should support women, men should support women and women should continue to support men. We will not achieve equality unless we all support each other in the workplace and at home. Statistically as individuals women may still be at a disadvantage, earning less, under- represented in government and in the boardroom, and still the ones who do most of the child caring and housework, but together we are a powerful force, together we can create change. Juggling my home and work life only works because of the support I have from both the men and women in my life. I couldn't run my foundation CarriesBeanies4BrainCancer without the support of both women and men who volunteer their time. We are all in this together.”

Above: Carrie wears twist bodycon dress and teneille knot heel.

Who are some of the women who inspire me?

“I was fortunate enough to be raised by an incredibly inspiring woman. My mum is one of the most talented, competent, resilient women I know and taught me to work hard and contribute to society and the community in every way I could. She has endured some incredible hardship but continues to put one foot in front of the other and live her life to the fullest with a smile. I also had grandmas who were so generous with their time with helping others in their community. They were gentle and kind. I hope I can be half the women they were.”

Do you have a philosophy that you like to live by?

“I just try to work hard and treat everyone around me with respect. Life isn’t perfect, I learnt that from a young age, but if you put your head down, work hard, accept a hand when you need it and look out for those around you it can make the rollercoaster ride of life a little smoother. Enjoy the wins along the way, no matter how small.”

Is there any advice you would love to give to your younger self?

“To be proud of who I was. To not feel like I needed to fit in or be loved by everyone. To know that one day I would find my place. I always felt younger and more unaware of the world than my friends, and I wish I had enjoyed that feeling more. Life's challenges can quickly become overwhelming, being an adult is hard, I wish had enjoyed just being a kid for longer.”

Above: Carrie wears mohair boat neck knit and distressed kick hem jean.