In The Frame: Tash Sefton

Above: Tash wears paisley floral print dress, soft touch jegging and teneille knot mule with adler A1 poster frame and myra medium vase.

While long known in the fashion world, Tash Sefton is beginning to make quite the name for herself on the art scene. Alongside her sister Hayley, Tash forms one part of Sefton Segedin – recognised for their one-of-a-kind abstract illustrations, each created by hand. Here, she chats to us about the creative philosophy that weaves throughout her life and then shares her advice on how to style hanging art.

You and Hayley work alongside each other – how did that come about?

“We have always both drawn and been very creative. Hayley is a Landscape Architect and is amazing at understanding form, space and perspective and my background is in fashion and design – creating our art together just makes sense. Initially we started as a way of filling the walls in my new house, as my children were scared of the high ceilings and scale of the new space. We were inundated with people wanting these drawings and large scale paintings so decided to make them available for people to buy. We worked initially with clients, creating unique pieces for their homes and work spaces, and then put together a small range of illustrations to give our clients a portfolio of the type of work we can create. As each piece is hand-drawn, we can create any size and tweak and personalise if needed.”

Above: Tash wears winter floral ruffle dress (arriving early April) with adler A3 poster frame, adler A1 poster frame, adler A2 poster frame and alata small vase.

What do you love most about working together?

“We are very similar yet so different at the same time. Two sets of eyes are better than one, and although we are very honest with each other, this is a good thing. It also makes us stop; our lives are so busy and when we draw everything around us stops. It’s our way of relaxing.”

Above: Tash wears boat neck curve knit and soft touch jegging with adler A1 poster frame and bulla large vase.

What is the creative philosophy that underpins your work?

“We look at fashion photography for inspiration; the shape of how the model stands, her facial features or even the lines and shadows in the image. We also love the shape of plants and nature and spend a lot of time in our parent’s garden and at the nursery.”

Is this reflected in the way you style yourself?

“My personal style is very simple. I don’t tend to overthink my outfits. I find beauty in simple classic things.”

Above: Tash wears soft touch jegging and teneille knot mule with adler A1 poster frame.

What serves as inspiration for you on a day-to-day basis?

“I try not to look at "trendy trends" or let myself get confused by all the visual noise that’s available to us today. I have built a core wardrobe and add pieces that work in rather than dominate. I like wearing my clothes multiple times rather than for an occasion and I have a love affair with denim, so that is always the centre of my dressing. I also have two small children so I have approximately three minutes to get dressed before having to race out the door for the school drop off. When you don’t have time to think or fuss, I think this helps you dress smart!”

Above: Tash wears linen t-shirt, soft touch jegging and dani clean sneaker with adler A3 poster frame.

Do you have any styling advice for hanging your artworks?

“Do your research. Find images of what you want your space to look like with frames. Decide: minimal, layers, more is more etc. Once you decide – and you do really need to decide as you are putting holes in the wall – get someone to hold the framed piece up in the space you are thinking and stand back so you can get a good look at the space. Once you have decided draw a line on the wall in pencil where you want it to go. This will help with hanging your hook. Sometimes if I want to hang multiple pieces I use Blu-Tack to stick up the image (unframed) so I can get a gauge of the whole space with all the pieces on the wall. This will help you know what is missing or needs adding to.”

Above: Tash wears denim shirt dress with adler A3 poster frame, adler A1 poster frame and dani clean sneaker.

The Sefton Segedin ‘Continual Collection’ is on show in Country Road Chatswood, Chadstone and South Yarra stores. Customers are invited to view this collection for a limited time in store. The collection of original illustrations will be exclusively available to purchase online at Sefton Segedin