Shooting From The Heart: Katrina Parker

Above: Katrina wears alpaca rib knit.

Meet Bondi-based photographer Katrina Parker, whose mesmerising ocean scenes capture the surfing world she loves. Here, she shares her inspirations and thoughts on motherhood and creativity.

Photography by Daniella Rech. Interview by Natasha Inchley

Your pictures are as much about beautiful scenescapes as they are about capturing a poignant journey. What do you hope the audience takes away from your work?

"I would love for people to look at my work and feel a sense of calmness. The world we live in is so fast-paced, it’s often in these simple moments that you are able to seek a moment of quietness."

What ignited your love of photography?

"I would say it’s the way I started to see the world through the lens that got me hooked. It creates a totally different perspective and I started to see the beauty in absolutely everything."

Above: Katrina's work.

And what is your approach when photographing a new assignment?

"When it comes to my personal work, I have an approach that is a lot less structured than when it comes to shooting to a commercial brief. I shoot most of my personal work on my travels. It’s all very spontaneous and in the moment. I love the freedom it creates. It’s the perfect balance."

Above: at the desk of Katrina Parker.

Can you tell us about the ocean works which hang in Country Road’s stores: What inspired you to create this photo series?

"The series is a reflection of the coastal lifestyle that I love in Bondi. Being a surfer, I’m drawn to capturing the coast and the ever-changing beauty that comes with it."

And today, how would describe the creative theme or common thread you keep returning to?

"My personal work will almost always reflect symmetry, minimalism and a specific tone of colour."

Above: Katrina's work.

You share a wonderful creative dynamic with your partner David Child – how does the partnership work and how do you balance each other?

"Dave and I run our own boutique production company. He shoots motion and I shoot stills. Dave and I are very similar in many ways, we have grown together, both personally and professionally. When it comes to working together, we balance each other by knowing what each of our individual strengths are and using these where possible. We don’t sweat the small stuff and are always trying to see the big picture. It also helps that we love what we do and are building it together."

Can you describe your own style and what you love about fashion and design?

"I’d describe my personal style as clean, minimalist and relaxed. I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from design, architecture and fashion and love the way they are all so interconnected and are used as a form of self-expression."

Above: Katrina wears alpaca rib knit.

As a new mother, how are you nurturing those intimate moments whilst finding time for your photography and creative projects?

"I went back to work very quickly after my son was born, you have to when you’re running your own business. Trying to find the perfect balance has been challenging, but I feel very fortunate that Dave and I are in the position to balance it together. If I need to focus my energy on work or a specific project, Dave will spend time with Jax and vice versa. For now it’s working out well."

Lastly, how would you define ultimate happiness?

"Being able to create a living and raise a family around something that you love doing each day."

Above: Katrina's work.